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Meeting Minutes 04.13.2010

Board Meeting

April 13, 2010



Renee Rosensteel

Chris Rolinson

Ed Rieker

Vince Graziani

Roy Engelbrecht

Erica de la Vega


• Treasurer’s Report

• Money Market Account = $2647.37 balance. Earning ~$0.35/month from interest.. Voucher = $1480, Costco = $40, Checking = $167.

   o Consider converting to regular checking account – Approved!

   o Roy made motion, Chris seconded, all said Yay

• Need to get registration of last 2 programs to National (via Renee) from Kevin/Marc

   o There is online registration but need to count walk-ins.

• Bat Pack Studios near Cranberry. For rent per job

   o has prices

• Drupal courses via approved

   o Course $50 for DVD, or $25/month online subscription

• Put costs to Programs so as to put Value to them.

• Increase membership.

   o Prove the value of an asmp membership.

• Increase recognition and credibility.

   o Join Chamber of Commerce, AIGA, Pittsburgh Ad Group, Small Business Association, PRSA, phone book – join as organization

   o Attend benefits and other events hosted by other groups. Vote a member to represent ASMP and market our group to the other professional groups.

   o Offer to be judges of community photo competitions

• Increase traffic to

   o Art directors, art buyers, agencies

• New ASMP Pittsburgh website

   o RSS feed of Strictly business blog on home page

   o Meeting minutes as articles accessible on site

   o Renee’s motion to let the website go LIVE! Chris seconds. All approve.

• private social network

   o Allows you to receive emails of forum

   o Allows you to direct private communication to other members

   o Allows you to block certain members

   o Lets practice using it now and consider it for group use in the future

• List serve

   o Moderation is necessary. Other ASMP forums have such rules and follow through with upholding them

   o Chris made motion to adopt ASMP National rules. Vince Second. All in favor!

   o Board members are moderators.

      • 8 Board members

      • 5 out of 8 have to vote

      • 3 out of 5 to approve action

• “The ASMP Show”

   o Roy proposes to rename “The Object Show” so as to draw back recognition to our organization.

   o Everyone should be allowed to show 3-4 portfolio pieces along with their photo of the object. Separate the portfolios from the objects.

   o Make an email BLAST to all members to promote various events, including the Object Show

• Why do we need to generate money for the organization?

   o Provide the ability to advance our organization and members. So we can afford to teach our members with workshops/seminars.

• What do our members want? What do they need? Survey?

   o Photoshop courses

      • Bring your photoshop tips & tricks to the group. Pay a fee of ~$10 to attend this little workshop.

      • Must pay to show value!

      • “Be Elitist” – Ed. Offer these workshops to just our members, not the public. Our programs must be engaging.

      • However, we can offer certain workshops to the public – advertise on craigslist – and they pay an increased fee to attend.

   o Digital Technology update

   o Lightroom / Aperture

   o HDR – zone system for Digital Photography!

   o Ask ADOBE to offer to teach workshops. Get everyone in a group setting to bounce ideas and questions off each other.

   o Call for Programs. Get feedback from membership about what they need to learn about.

• Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month with the exception of June 9, a Wednesday, which coincides with the ASMP Picnic.

• Gallery Crawl – Have object show images project on a building!!! Could be visible from Penn and Liberty.